C++ Software Engineer - Video&Graphics in Timișoara, Județul Timiș

Skills and Experience:

  • C/C++ (regular)
  • Concurrent programming in Linux environments
  • Git (Git-based workflows, CI, Confluence, JIRA)
  • Scripting (sh, Bash, Python), Make
  • Networking (sockets, TCP/UDP/RTP, multicast/unicast)

Additional skills and experience:

  • Template Programming (STL, Boost)
  • Breakpad for crashdump analysis
  • Image Properties (fourCC, colour space, HDR/SDR)
  • Video codecs (H.264, H.265, JPEG2000, JPEG-XS, DNxHD, ProRes), FFmpeg
  • Media containers (MPEG-TS, MOV, MXF)
  • Broadcast production (SDI, SMPTE ST2110, timecode, NLE)
  • Time systems and time distribution (UTC/TAI, IEEE1588, SMPTE ST2059, leap seconds)
  • Network streaming (SRT, RIST)
  • Processing acceleration (SIMD/SSE/AVX, CUDA, OpenCL)
  • Javascript
  • Cloud infrastructure and deployment (AWS)
  • Linux kernel knowledge (drivers, networking, filesystems, memory management, tracing)
  • Linux packaging/distribution (dpkg-deb, debootstrap, pbuilder, rootfs)
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, JIRA, Stash)

Your responsibilities:

  • Researching, designing and implementing software employing standard development practices.
  • Identifying areas for improvement in existing programs and subsequently implementing these improvements.
  • Writing and implementing efficient code in a manner easily understood by peers.
  • Developing and implementing unit, functional and regression test procedures pertaining to designed system.
  • Working in an independent and group setting, mentoring and cooperating with others as needed.
  • Deploying software tools and processes.
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems.

Recruitment process:

  • Screening with recruiter (30min)
  • Technical interview with 2 Hiring Managers (about 60min)
  • Interview with CTO (up to 30min) - Senior level only

About the position / about the project:

The OvertureRT team architects, develops and manages high-performance real-time video and graphics pipelines working in C and C++. You will use all of the tools and techniques in your arsenal, from low-level SSE extensions, to using CUDA on our GPUs, to optimized DMA transfers to develop engines and pipelines for processing pixels and frames. You will be working with encoders and decoders for many codecs (H.264, HEVC, VP8, VP9, AV1, and others) and muxes/demuxes for many container formats (MXF, TS, GXF, MOV) in a Linux environment. You will work in an agile environment with our international teams. Your work will be seen by millions. Our engineers develop next generation technologies that power the creation and distribution of media entertainment that you enjoy at home or on mobile. Our products play a significant role in producing and delivering your favourite sports, shows and movies. Anything you watch on TV or stream online, there's a good chance Evertz is behind the scenes making it happen. We work in agile, low-bureaucracy, cross-functional teams spread across the world. It’s a highly creative work environment where the team is built on trust and is relaxed, open and welcoming to all. Evertz has engineering offices in Canada, England, Scotland, India, and now it's time for Poland!

Expira: 12.05.2024

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